Don’t Ask, we may not know

If anyone knows who wrote this, please leave the answer in the comment field below.  I originally saw this poem on the History Channel’s Vikings and fell in love with it.  It was written in poetic stanzas.  It is not until now, while writing it in a paragraph format that it makes more sense.  What do you think?


Don’t ask we may not know  

Don’t ask (we may not know) Leuconce, what the Gods propose for me or you. Let Chaldees try, to read the ciphered sky;

Better to bear the outcomes, good or bad, whether Jove proposes to add,  fresh winters to the past, or make this the last.  Which now tires out the Tuscan Sea and mocks it’s strength with barriers of rocks.

Be wise, strain clear the wine, and prune the rambling vine of expectation. Life’s short.  Even while we talk TIME grudgingly runs a mile.

Don’t trust tomorrow’s bough for fruit.  Pluck this, here, NOW! 

Mors est A.P. Style dux

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