“Admit it,” said ‘N’, “you want to live in Ancient Rome.”

Discussions about Ancient Rome at Starbucks. 

I was sitting in front of Starbucks with ‘N’ and our good friend  John Windmueller.  ‘N’ turned to me and said, “Admit it.  You want to live in Ancient Rome.”  

The three of us were discussing our interests and I turned to Nancy and said, “No.”

She gave me a look like she didn’t believe me.

“First of all, they would hear English coming out of my mouth, and to them it would sound like gibberish.  They would put me in chains, and send me to work in the fields, where I would last all of 3 days.  You’d think I’d last?  With my health?”  

“No,” she said. 

Mors est A.P. Style dux

I found this on ETSY.

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