Matthew Leigh Embleton to join the storytelling team at Ancient Rome Refocused

Matthew Leigh Embleton joins Ancient Rome Refocused.  

For Season 6 of Ancient Rome Refocused composer and writer Matthew Leigh Embleton will be joining the podcasts to deliver lectures on his favorite subjects about the ancient world.  Embleton has been a welcomed Ancient Rome Refocused contributor for many years, and now he will drop in via Kent, England, with his unique and eye-opening views of Mythology, Runes, Opium and Latin. 

Check out his appearance on the Youtube channel D: Programmed where he discusses the use of pagan symbols as political propaganda.  

Mr. Embleton has kindly consented to add his commentary to the show as a member of the Ancient Rome Refocused Storytelling Team.    

Embleton’s music has regularly appeared on the show, one in particular is an original composition titled Batrachomyomachia.  This piece  is available as bonus material on the podcast.

This composition rises in the mind’s eye the images of a mythical pond where frogs and mice battle in a great Homeric conflict.  Additional Embleton compositions will be featured in a podcast for the new season of Ancient Rome Refocused.  His own description of his musical style is Music in Widescreen” .

Thanks for joining the team!

Check out his website at:


Mors est A.P. Style dux 

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