Torturing Day

Torturing Day By Rob Cain Begging is boring.  No one wants to talk to you. Pariah and outcast. You are nothing to them.  They don’t look at your face.  You are shadow.  A hand.  An open palm.  A taker.   Worthless street trash to be stepped around.  They speed up their step as soon as you…

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The God Pan

The painting above is titled: Pan and Syrinx, c.1620/25, by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), Location: The Royal Collection London United Kingdom The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen Steven King called the The Great God Pan as, “Maybe the best [horror story] in the English Language.  King was right.  It’s a  creepy little book, but well…

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The Holding Room

Editor’s Note *  “Satire is the enemy of Emperors.”   The Holding Room by Mutatis  The first time that Pepper Lynn gave a tour she hated it.  It wasn’t the tour that made her upset, it was the finale.  The tour always ended at the same place.  The same spot.  Her job, most of it anyway,…

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