Guest Submission

How to lead Bedouin Workers and not come off as a Jerk.

How to lead Bedoin Diggers and not come off as a Jerk Jordan has participated in digs in the Middle East, Europe and Canada.  He can be reached at  He currently runs a history podcast called Twilight Histories which has a time travel theme.     By Jordan Harbour If you find yourself on an…

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Isis Worship

Classic Blogpost by Guest Editor Hattem Hassouba Part of the fun of having a blog is that you can get many different people sharing their ideas on how they see the world.  I was fortunate to have Hattem Hassouba  share his article that he posted on  The article is conversational in style, and brings up Egyptians of…

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The heroic stand of Servius Sulpicius Galba

Classic Podcast from Ancient Rome Refocused. William Glover was a regular contributor to this blog.  I interviewed him for a podcast where he took me through the ins and outs of being an archeologist in the South-Western region of the United States.  He was very insightful on the importance of pig bones, human remains, and…

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