You’re never alone at Starbucks with the Smaller Classical Dictionary

Sometimes I get lonely at Starbucks.  However, not when I take the Smaller Classical Dictionary.    It’s easily shoved in your computer bag, purse, or jacket pocket.  It is your own personal entourage that sits with you in front of Starbucks, the doctor’s office, or that layover in Madrid.   I would take this book with…

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The heroic stand of Servius Sulpicius Galba

Classic Podcast from Ancient Rome Refocused. William Glover was a regular contributor to this blog.  I interviewed him for a podcast where he took me through the ins and outs of being an archeologist in the South-Western region of the United States.  He was very insightful on the importance of pig bones, human remains, and…

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Fargo and the Gods

This is a Classic Blog Post from 2017.   I admit it.  I got hooked on the TV show FARGO, especially the season with Mary Elizabeth Winsted.  I confess, there is nothing like a sexy protagonist (antagonist?) who is dangerous.  Through the entire show I thought, “I want her on my side.”  She was great.  However,…

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