Podcast Update

Matthew Leigh Embleton to join the storytelling team at Ancient Rome Refocused

Matthew Leigh Embleton joins Ancient Rome Refocused.   For Season 6 of Ancient Rome Refocused composer and writer Matthew Leigh Embleton will be joining the podcasts to deliver lectures on his favorite subjects about the ancient world.  Embleton has been a welcomed Ancient Rome Refocused contributor for many years, and now he will drop in via…

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I’m the Emperor, and you’re NOT!

One of my favorite podcasts.  A boy wanders into a library.  A magi allows him to look into the future to see his rise to the throne.  This episode also includes a review of a totally underrated show on NBC called KINGS.  It stars a magnificent actor named Ian McShane.   Check out on blubrry.com:  I’m the…

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