Guests that have been on the show!

Steven Saylor – Author of historical novels.  Best known for his detective Gordianus the Finder set in Ancient Rome.

Matthew Leigh Embleton – Musician, composer, Language and History Enthusast. 

Dr. Jerry Toner – Professor at Cambridge, UK, Director of Studies in Classics.  His work focuses on looking at the ancient world from below.  

Dr. Simon Elliot – Best selling authory, historian, archaelaeologist and guest lecturer. 

Anna Kouremenos – Greek-American scholar of antiquity specialzing in Roman Greece and identity in the Graeco-Roman World.  

Dr. Joel Christensen – Professor at Brandeis University.  Engaged in research that explores the development of literature and language in ancient Greece. 

Natalie Haynes – Writer and broadcaster.  Described by the Washington Post as a rock star mythologist.

Michael G. Stroud –  Author, military historian, graduate of American Military University. 

Morgan Taubert –  Musician, artist and author.  He is known for his correspondence with Cicero and the historian Herodutus.  

David Denyer – London-based, award winning composer, and violinist.  His works include music for The Bacchae by Euripides, and a mini opera on the ancient city of Troy.  

Dr. Carl Richard – Professor of History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  His study of American History emphasizes the influence of the classical world on American thought and government. 

Eric Shanower – Illustrator and graphic novel creator of the Age of Bronze series about the Trojan War.

Lorrisa Julianus – SAG-AFTRA actor, scriptwriter and motion capture actor for Warner Brothers.  Produced a musical about the 3rd Century Queen Zenobia of the Palmyra Empire.    


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