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Is it a story you seek? Adventure? Mystery? Romance? Our store has all that and more. Our store has dreams. The stories are brought to you from the imagination of Rob Cain of the popular Ancient Roman Refocused Podcasts. The heroes are the people of the ancient and modern world. Each audio narrative tells how the classics determine our lives.  Top actors and musicians entertain you while following the hero to a breathless conclusion. 

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This is a very human tale. A woman living in the ancient world is thrown out by her family, so she flees to Rome. She must survive by her wits, and the intervention of a very special God. It is told with a dream-like quality and harsh realism as to what it took for a woman to survive in an unforgiving world.

On Sale $3.99

A mid-western professor of classics refuses to recognize the need for ‘trigger-warnings’ for his students when lecturing on Roman and Greek mythology. Soon he is the subject of an intense campaign of malicious twittering. Taking a leave-of-absence, he escapes to Athens, Greece, and finds peace with those who share his madness for the Gods and the heroes of the Ancient World.

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This is based on a true story! In 43 B.C., Narcissus, a correspondence slave to Emperor Claudius was sent to upper Gaul to address legions that were in mutiny. The order was given to invade the Island of Britannia, but the soldiers were afraid of monsters and the Crossing-Sea. Why would legionaries listen to a ‘former slave’? This story is performed and written as a ‘what-if’ tale, where the present and the past seem to merge.