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Outside Starbucks

I was sitting outside Starbucks today, and saw this lady with this interesting Teeshirt.  She was one of two...

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The Roman Centurion Speaks

Editor’s Note:  A note from Rob Cain (Stray thoughts).   I am told that in Kipling’s time of the RAJ,...

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ORGY HOUSE for sale on the on-line store SELLFY

An Original Story in an Original Time  Now available on the online store Sellfy is an original story written...

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Matthew Leigh Embleton to join the storytelling team at Ancient Rome Refocused

Matthew Leigh Embleton joins Ancient Rome Refocused.   For Season 6 of Ancient Rome Refocused composer and writer Matthew Leigh...

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Investigating Bast Cults in London

An Investigative Report on the influence of Bast in the London Metropolitan Area Rob Cain’s Historical Detective Agency Field...

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Bad Helen of Troy

Helen in Hell “And were you pleased?” they asked of Helen in Hell. “Pleased?” answered she, “when all Troy’s...

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The Senate is in Session!

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