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"No man ever steps in the same river twice."
"Count each day as a separate life."
"There is luck in odd numbers."
"Take what the Gods provide."
J.R.R. Tolkien
"History often resembles MYTH because they are both ultimately made of the same stuff."
Percy Bysse Shelly
"All the great historians, Herodotus, Plutarch, Livy, were poets."
Marcus Aurelius
"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything that happens in life."
Jason Boyett, Timeless Tales from the Ancients
"During the time of the Gold Rush treasure seekers were called Argonauts."

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The Roman Centurion Speaks

Editor’s Note:  A note from Rob Cain (Stray thoughts).   I am told that in Kipling’s time of the RAJ,...

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My Goblin Therapist

A bit of therapeutic magic When a book is delivered all the way from Australia you pay attention. Receiving...

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ORGY HOUSE for sale on the on-line store SELLFY

An Original Story in an Original Time  Now available on the online store Sellfy is an original story written...

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Looking for the Family of Warren W. Sheppard

The question is, “why?”  I promise that there is a fascinating connection that is of interest to this website. ...

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Matthew Leigh Embleton to join the storytelling team at Ancient Rome Refocused

Matthew Leigh Embleton joins Ancient Rome Refocused.   For Season 6 of Ancient Rome Refocused composer and writer Matthew Leigh...

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Investigating Bast Cults in London

An Investigative Report on the influence of Bast in the London Metropolitan Area Rob Cain’s Historical Detective Agency Field...

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The Senate is in Session!

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