Writers Magazine, May/June 2012

Dear Mr. Homer,

Thank you for your submission, THE ILLIAD.

It is obvious you have not taken the trouble to study the genre we publish.  Still, I am obligated to adhere to our outreach program to help new writers.  This requires the following pointers:

The loose poetic style you have chosen is ancient and outdated.  To make a sale, try a rhyming verse.  While it’s difficult, some poetry editor out there may be impressed that someone could rhyme “Herakles” and “Agamemnon.”

This bring up the point of your characters’ names.  It appears for each name that you merely assembled a double handful of letters you found in the boriken stone tablet pile – “Deiphobus,” “Glaucus, son of Hippolochus.”  If you fear you’re plagiarizing character names of other authors, don’t.

You also claim the 10-year war you’ve written about ends with a wooden horse in your sequel.THE ODYSSEY.  Do you expect readers to believe that seasoned warriors would fall for such a trick?  That’s as ludicrous as saying the great dynasty of Greece will someday fall into financial ruin. 

Moreover, when you write your next query, don’t dwell on the fact that you’ve written a sequel.  Unless there’s a Thespian group out there that wishes to make your works into a tragedian series, you are being presumptuous.  You don’t need an ODYSSEY.  This ILLIAD is odd enough.

Once again, research what a publisher wants.  We require on the most superlative writing.  This dribble isn’t worth the scroll it’s written on.  The symbiosis of mortals, sea nymphs and gods at war would make a job incredibly difficult here at Warfare Memoirs Publishing.

Arch A. Meedees

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